Shadows Over the Nentir Vale

Session 16

*Promises, Promises

With Bodin holding off Yisarn’s minions and the spider almost single handed, the situation looks grim for the heroes, until Benedict and Thorn manage to combine to get Makaria conscious again. While she isn’t up for much in the fighting department at least she is able to shout a few encouraging words from the bottom of the pit along the lines of, ‘Keep going, Stumpy’. This might be seen as outrageously politically incorrect but at least provides the motivation for Bodin to keep smashing away at the skeletons, turning the room into a calcium dustbowl, while Yisarn engages in his own duel with Glaudr and Benedict, slowing them town with tendrils of deathly force while Mordzan the mad picks the lock of the other door just so he can have a go at pit jumping as the floor opens up beneath him, leaving him with a nasty gash in his foot.
At last, exhausted, the battle turns, and with his necromantic surges rippling through the chamber, the party put an end to the evil wizard and return to the elves, bloodied but unbowed, and ready to call in the favours promised for their heroism.
Eriyel is as good as her word and pledges to raise a unit of 50 archers to aid the Harkenwold. She also makes good on her promise to Thorn and, in a ceremony not totally dissimilar to that practiced by their brethren in Lothlorien, the Woodsingers conjure up an image of the attack of the dark elves, confirming that Thorn’s sister was indeed present at the battle, and alive, the assumption being that she must have been captured by the Winter King. Of Mordzan’s father there is no word, although the elf notices a fleeting grimace pass over Eriyel’s face at the mention of his name.
Fortunately for all, so far the families of Benedect, Glaudr, Makaria and Bodin seem remarkably uncomplicated.
Before any more discussion takes place scouts return to camp with dire news. It seems the party made their bargain in good time, as the elves report movement in the town of Harken, with Iron Circle troops issuing forth from the castle, preparing to march on Aldbridge to crush the rebellion. Eriyel promises she will have the archers ready by sundown in two days, but will this be in time? For the party the course is clear as they hurry back to Dar Gremath and what promises to be the battle that will seal the fate of the Harkenwold!



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