Shadows Over the Nentir Vale

Session 40

Session 40

Push Me Pull You

The battle in the temple proves to be one of the most frustrating of the party’s career to date. While Sir Oakley (or is it Oakey?) tours around the back of the place out of the fray, reciting a chant that seems to be getting more desperate with each passing moment, the heroes are having a hard time coordinating their efforts.

With Madran having decided to throw in his lot with the Eladrin and to pursue a life of gardening over a life of constant trouble, Mordzan finds himself alone in the bow department and is somewhat aghast at the way his arrows bounce off the stony hides of the weird angels.

Meanwhile the rest of the party find themselves being pulled all over the place by the harpies insane babbling, and, when not being pulled, being frozen to the spot by the voices in their heads: either a perverted sermon on behalf of Bahamut or the screeching cries of what sounds like a thousand teething toddlers.

And if this isn’t enough, the chaotic nature of the cards the party have in their possession hits home as the Angels find the presence of the moon symbol a convenient way to recharge their devastating lightning attacks. Benedict – downed, Thorn – downed, and then, once up, has to use all her wizardly skills to twice escape the carnage. Mordzan, Glaudr and Makaria all being pressed hard as the angels try to pick them off one by one.

It is only when Sir Oakley, obviously giving up on his ritual, returns to the fight that the heroes finally manage to get things under control and eventually best their opponents.

The news from their patron is not good, however. His cleansing ritual has failed because three essential components are missing from the temple: a chalice, a brazier and a bowl. Sir Oakley hopes the items still remain in the temple grounds somewhere but needs to return to Winterhaven to conduct some more research to be sure.

There are goodies to be had from the Harpies lair, a new bow for Mordzan and a fair haul of gold that had been used to decorate the place.

Exhausted the party choose to rest up in the temple, despite the risks attached to taking a break in the midst of a battalion of Orcs and their allies, but they just about get away with it.

So decisions now need to be made. Continue to aid Sir Oakley on his glorious quest, or write it off as the ambitions of a madman and get into a nice town and blow the cash on beer?



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