Human Paladin


I was found at a young age by a family of Dwarves, and grew up in their village, despite being taller than the tallest member of the village from the age of 11. My best friend was one Bodin Ironseam, who accepted me as one of them when nobody else would. I do not have any information on my parents, but neither do I wish to seek them out, as I never truly forgave them for abandoning me at such a young age. They are not my real family; my Dwarf parents and Bodin are.

I never had a taste for explosives, steampunk machinery or smithing, so I left the village at the age of 16 to travel the world, see its wonders and, most of all, walk away with some gold to show for it. However, I found myself captured by dark forces unknown before long, and was prisoner to them for many months. I still do not know what they were; they hid in the shadows and only came near me in the dark of night to perform various experiments. I did eventually escape. How still remains a mystery to me.

After that, I devoted my life to becoming a Paladin, or holy warrior, and to fight the dark forces of the Harkenworld. I even became a worshipper of the holy Dragon God Bahamut (though my loyalty to His Holy Fire has been questioned). I met up with all four feet of Bodin, along with his group of significantly taller travelling adventurers (including a mad elf, another mad elf and a warlady who can turn into a large beast), at Tor’s Hold while travelling with the Shapeshifter Glaudr. Since then, I have been roaming with them, doing righteous deeds, laying my healing hands on my allies twice (count them: twice) daily, missing enemies and wasting action points.


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